Model Portfolio

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Model Portfolio

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Answer a few quick questions about your investment goals and approach to get started. A proprietary algorithm will generate a sample custom portfolio based on your responses.

You can then compare your hypothetical portfolio’s historical performance against the S&P 500 index.

You will be able to email the portfolio to yourself.


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[su_note radius=”5″]Sign in to see actual tickers of investment choices for your portfolio.[/su_note]

[yk_logged_in][su_note radius=”5″]Drill down on asset categories and click on the slice or legend to see more information about the specific stock or thematic portfolio.[/su_note][/yk_logged_in]

Source: Yair Krauze. Holdings and allocations are subject to change.

The performance of the core portfolio is calculated using actual investment choices selected by the algorithm. Performance calculations assume reinvestment of dividends and exclude transaction costs. This personalized portfolio is selected with considerations of liquidity and cost in addition to your goals and values. Due to their nature and construction, custom portfolios are excluded from the overall performance calculations. Asset classes provided are a weighted average based on the proportions of each asset that comprises the model portfolio.